XList Totem Pole

The XList Totem Pole represents and commemorates the history of the XList project and the communities it supports.

The Totem Pole is used to record the history of all XList Vote winners. The XList vote allows XList holders to vote for their favourite projects every two months. Every time a vote is completed and the winners are announced then the XList Totem Pole is updated with the logo of the winning project and the exchange they list on. These are added to the rings on the bands of the XList Totem Pole. The rings on the bands are always reserved for this purpose.

The XList Totem Pole also has 63 permanent advertising spaces on the wings (front & back) and the tail where a logo or image can be placed. Each space can include one or more links to website URLs which is great for advertising. To view information about the advertisers and links to their websites then click on show or hide annotations. The XList Totem Pole can feature community leaders, influencers, XRPL or other crypto projects, individuals, companies, etc. The permanent spaces can be purchased from the XList Store (see prices below).

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When all 63 spaces are bought and allocated then additional XList Totem Poles will be generated with blank wings and tail. The rings on the bands will always be exactly the same across every XList Totem Pole showing the exchanges and XRPL projects that XList has helped and supported along its journey. All Totem Poles will be available to view.

XList Totem Poles in the Metaverse

XList is actively seeking to develop partnerships and collaborations with Metaverse and gaming projects that would like to feature the XList Totem Poles. This will help bring awareness to anyone who is featured on the totem poles and be a bit of fun for anyone involved in the Metaverse or gaming platforms when they stumble across the XList Totem Poles. XList kindly welcomes any Metaverse or gaming projects to get in touch to chat about collaborating.

Prices for Permanent Spaces on the XList Totem Poles

  • Exchanges that the winning projects get listed on: free (rings only)

  • Projects winning a vote: free (rings only)

  • Front Wings (26 spaces available): 300 USDT each

  • Back Wings (30 spaces available): 250 USDT each

  • Back Tail (7 spaces available): 250 USDT each

Advertising spaces on the XList Totem Pole can be purchased at the XList Store. Payment is accepted using over 50 cryptocurrencies, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Credit or Debit cards. If you would like to purchase multiple advertising spaces or perhaps all 63 spaces on a Totem dedicated to your business or project requirements then please get in touch as we may be able to offer a discount.

Click images below to buy a space on the front or back of the XList Totem Pole

The XList Totem Pole can be viewed on desktop computer or mobile and is best viewed in full screen. Once in full screen click on help to view navigation basics and controls. Click on 'Show annotations' to view the information and links associated for each space. Some mobiles may not show the annotations so try viewing in desktop mode to show the annotation controls. The totem pole can also be viewed in virtual reality with a VR headset (such as the Oculus Quest) or on a mobile phone using Augmented Reality (AR).

Please contact admin@xlist.one if you would like more information or visit the XList Store to buy spaces.

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