XList ETF Vault

The XList ETF Vault contains the projects that have invested their tokens into the XList Investment Fund (XIF) . The Vault will grow over time as more projects are added which will offer a continuous stream of funding into the XIF and an ongoing return to investors (distributed as token airdrops) who purchase the XList ETF NFTs.

A percentage of the tokens that have been invested by all the projects will be distributed to the ETF NFT owners over six airdrops in a one-year period (one airdrop every 2 months). If there are 50 projects in the Vault for example then each investor will get an airdrop from all 50 projects tokens to their account/wallet. XList membership holders will also receive a small percentage of the project’s tokens through six airdrops. The Vault will also include a bonus pool of 15 million XList which will be distributed equally to 100 x ETF NFT owners every month for 48 months.

The table below shows the percentage of tokens that are distributed to the investors and XList members depending on how much a project has invested into the XIF.

The table below shows the how much XList each ETF Vault NFT holder will receive every month for 48 months.

XList ETF Vault NFTs

The XList ETF Vault Collection is a collection of 100 NFTs which have been minted on XDSea.com. The NFTs can be purchased on XDSea using XDC tokens or on the XList Store. Anyone who buys the XList ETF Vault NFTs on XDSea.com should complete and submit the Google Form.

The XList ETF NFTs are an integral part of the XIF and will be sold to raise around £1.25 million ($1.425 million). The funds raised will help support projects that XList plans to list on exchanges. This will include projects that have signed up to the XList Vote and Unicorn projects that are introduced to XList from the partnership with Datachain Foundation. Investors who purchase and hold the XList ETF NFTs are entitled to receive airdrops every two months from the projects tokens that have been invested to the XIF. Details below:

  • The XList ETF NFTs will be available to buy at the XList Store for £12,500 each.

  • The NFTs are also available on XDSea and are listed at 475,000 XDC.

  • Total Available: 100

  • Project Airdrops: every two months for one year.

  • XList Airdrops: every month for 48 months.

  • ETF NFT investors will receive a free exclusive XList Membership and be allocated to one of the XList Totem Teams. This entitles the ETF NFT investors to additional enhanced XList monthly bonuses and more.

XList Investment Fund

XList introduced the XList Investment Fund (XIF) in September 2022 which is part of the XList ETF Vault. Projects participating in XList Votes are required to invest a minimum of 1% of the total supply of their tokens to the XIF. The XIF will grow significantly in value as more projects sign up and participate in the XList Votes. This will offer the following benefits:

  • An investment fund that can provide a growing number of airdrops of project tokens to anyone who have purchased the XList ETF NFTs.

  • Provides XList with long term stability and a sustainable business model.

  • Additional project token airdrops to XList Membership holders.

  • A growing investment fund that XList may stake and earn passive income.

A list of the projects that are invested in the XIF can be found here.

Projects that contribute to the XIF can receive the following benefits depending on how much they invest:

XList has partnered with Datachain Foundation to help support a number of Unicorn projects that have been vetted and identified as solving real world problems. XList will pay the listing fees for the Unicorn projects to get listed on tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 central exchanges.

The Unicorn projects will invest a minimum of 3% of their total token supply to the XIF. The Unicorn projects do not have to go through the XList Voting process and instead will be directly listed on the exchanges. XList will raise funds prior to the Unicorn projects coming onboard through the sale of the new XList ETF NFTs.

XIF Partners/Investors

Magical Finance

Invested 0.75%

7,500,000 xMAGIC Tokens


Invested 3%

10,000,000 GEM Tokens

Rocket Launch

Invested 0.5%

5,000,000 RLT Tokens


Invested 0.4%

20,000 AURORA Tokens


Invested 2%

1,540,000,000 AEN Tokens

xRonin Labs

Invested 4%

2,000,000 xRYO Tokens

Codex3 LLC

Invested 10%

50,000,000 CODEX Tokens


Contributed 15% to be distributed monthly to Vault NFT owners over 48 months

15,000,000 XList Tokens

xCIV Decentralized Research Institute

Invested 3%

308,528 XCIV Tokens

Denarii DFI

Invested 3%

15 Trillion DFI XRPL Tokens

(15 Trillion Algo Chain Cloned Tokens to come in November)

Malaya Infinity

Invested 5%

350,000,000 xMALAYA Tokens

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