XList Vote Winners

XList Vote (1st November 2022)

Congratulations to xRonin Labs who have won the XList Vote which completed at 12pm BST 5th November 2022.

xRonin Labs received 2,364,079 votes overall including Bonus & XIF Votes. A great win with 34.35% of the votes overall.

xRonin Labs is the third project that XList will support and their prize is getting their listing fees paid by XList on one of the partner exchanges.

XList Vote (1st September 2022)

Congratulations to Bibliomp who have won the XList Vote which completed at 12pm BST 5th September 2022.

Bibliomp received 1,798,158 votes overall including Bonus Votes. A huge 66.38% of the vote.

Bibliomp is the second project that XList will support and will pay their listing fees on an exchange.

XList Presales Vote (1st June 2022)

StaykX won the XList Presales Vote which completed on Wednesday 1st June 2022. People who purchased XList tokens in the presales voted for their favourite XRPL project and StaykX won convincingly with 65.01% of the votes. Bitrue was chosen as the first exchange for the Presales Vote winner to be listed on and XList covered the listing fees. It was a direct listing with Bitrue so StaykX and XList did not need to go through the BTR vote process. XList listed on Bitrue on 6th June 2022. StaykX will be listing very soon.

Final results of the XList Presales Vote

  • 1st Place: StaykX - 65.01%

  • 2nd Place: xStack Coin - 21.24%

  • 3rd Place: editions - 6.25%

  • 4th Place: XRPLedger ETF - 5%

  • 5th Place: SwissTech - 1.25%

  • Declined to Vote - 1.25%

We would love to hear from more great XRPL projects that are interested in participating in the next XList Vote

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