Mid-Month Vote Winners

XUT Coin Design Contest Vote
(15th January 2023)

Congratulations to Miracle who won the XUT Coin Design Contest Vote on 15th January 2023. Miracle's design is now being used as the official XUT Coin. Miracle wins $300 worth of XUT tokens for her amazing design.

10 Voters win 179 XRP each plus a XUT Coin NFT which will reward them with 250 XUT daily from our Algo Faucet.

The 10 wallets who were randomly chosen were:

XRP prizes have been paid to the 10 winners and they should get in touch with us at admin@xlist.one by email stating their Xumm wallet address and Algo wallet address. Checks will be carried out to ensure they own the wallets. Winning wallets were:

  • rHXgTjVw1S6xENfYg8L48QAB91im4mFnnN

  • rDJVNF47ba3SBPppn6cwgs6qNWR91NvToo

  • rrpSbEXADh7n8SgXEsp7qc2uWxuatNkpPf

  • rHTkqj5RtG8E6XdAjCakbiN8149EKanHLw

  • rfr8tLqPXCaYRCsPb5heA94FcVtWgeDpuG

  • rMx1G1VvBBtK9LReSGXo1vfkYVTwTuTmBc


  • rCswdo8YCa1VYvo2JTPSbmRQa4L1kmJjo

  • rocjK7MAfEmRMTgNxK6BAJckhVRa2N8xq

  • r3k2gaP3cX3YEw5CNnToB4Qrs2fFaqAAya

Everyone who voted will receive 5 XRP worth of XList on 16th January 2023.

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