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Next XList Vote (1st November 2022)

XList holders can vote for their favourite project to get listed on any of the exchanges that XList is partnered with. We can also consider other exchanges that are not listed below. The XList Vote is held every two months. The voting platform is hosted on Northern VoIP's website until we develop the new XList website.

The next XList Vote starts on 1st November and runs till 5th November. Bonus Votes for projects can be awarded to any participating project up to 31st October by purchasing XList on the XList Store (see below for more info).

How the Vote works

XList holders can vote for their favourite XRPL project using their their Xumm Wallet. The balance of XList held in the wallet is the number of votes given to the XRPL project, i.e. 1 XList = 1 vote. No XList is spent during voting.

Vote can be changed anytime during the voting period.

There are currently seven projects signed up for the XList Vote starting on 1st November. The cut off date for project entries is 18th October 2022. Projects that wish to participate in the November XList Vote should complete the Google Form. We have now also introduced KYC verification for anyone who wants their project to participate in the XList Vote.

The exchanges available are listed below however we are currently in discussions with more exchanges so more will be added.

XList Store Bonus Votes

Buying XList from the XList Store anytime before 31st October 2022 (i.e. before the next vote starts on 1st November) allows one to give bonus votes to a project during order checkout. The number of bonus votes is equal to the number of XList purchased. Projects that have contributed to the XList Investment Fund (XIF) will receive double Bonus Votes for every order placed. Projects will also receive XIF Bonus Votes and will be finalised on the day before the XList Vote starts based on how much percent of their token supply they have invested into the XIF divided by the sum of all the percentages of tokens invested by all projects multiplied by the XList in circulation on the DEX. Table below indicates the amount of tokens a project has invested into the XIF.

The table below shows the total amount of bonus votes that each project will get added onto the main XList Vote result which starts on 1st November 2022.

Last updated 6:50pm BST 29th September 2022

Magical Finance


Rocket Launch








Terms for Projects Participating in the XList Vote

  • Project Devs and/or founders must be doxxed and go through a KYC process.

  • Participating project will actively promote the XList Vote to their community through social media and share any XList promotional material leading up to the vote (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc).

  • Project must not be in a presale stage.

  • If a project wins a vote then they cannot participate in the following XList Vote. Once the following XList Vote completes then the project may enter again.

  • A project may only win a maximum of three times in a three year period.

  • XList will not provide any wallet addresses of anyone that votes in the XList Vote.

  • Winning projects must be able to satisfy any exchanges listing requirements and KYC requirements of the exchanges prior to XList paying listing fees.

  • XList will only cover the agreed basic listing fees (as a minimum) for any exchange listings. Projects that win an XList Vote are responsible for any additional listing services such as market making services/fees, providing their native project tokens (i.e. for rewards, yield farming, staking, trading competitions, IEOs, airdrops, etc) or additional marketing services on offer from exchanges.

  • XList will introduce the winning project to their preferred exchanges and listing managers to discuss listing requirements.

  • XList will only pay listing fees direct to the exchange and not to the winning project.

  • XList aims to raise funding to support the project and listing fees from various resources such as sponsorship, retail investors, private investors, Venture Capitalists, XList Store sales, XList Token sales, membership sales, NFT sales, advertising revenue, staking returns, partnerships, investment funds, subscription revenues, educational revenue, etc.

  • XList reserves the right to limit the exchanges or exchange listing fee requirements based on how much funding is raised or available for each XList Vote. XList may also reserve the right to delay listing or reschedule XList Votes depending on market conditions. Should there be any extreme volatility which reduces the value of XList funds (typically held in XRP) then listings may be delayed till market conditions improve.

  • Projects that participate in the XList Votes are required to invest a percentage of their total token supply into the XList Investment Fund (XIF). The investment covers all XList Votes that a project takes part in over a three year period. Projects may invest 3%, 5% or 10% of a projects token total supply (or equivalent value in another token, i.e. XRP, XDC, USDT, etc). If a project has invested 3% to 4.99% of their token supply then 0.5% of this will get distributed to all XList ETF NFT investors over one year (consisting of 6 airdrops, one every two months). A further 0.5% of the 3% to 4.99% invested will be airdropped to XList Membership holders over the 6 airdrops. This leaves 2% to 4% of a projects contribution that will continue to provide liquidity to the XIF. If a project has invested 5% to 9.99% of their token supply then 1% of this will get distributed to ETF NFT investors over the 6 airdrops and 1% airdropped to XList Members over the 6 airdrops. A project that invests 10% has 2% distributed to each ETF NFT holder and 2% distributed to each XList Member, again over 6 airdrops.

  • XList may sell a portion of the projects tokens that have been invested into the XIF. No more as 2.5% of the amount of tokens invested by the project would ever be sold in a month and will always be limit sell orders (not market sell orders) to prevent price drops and/or volatility.

  • XIF Bonus Votes are given to a project for every vote they take part in. This is based on how much they have invested into the XIF divided by the sum of percentages of all other projects in the vote that have invested multiplied by the XList in circulation on the DEX the day before the XList Vote starts. We will publish the Bonus Votes that each project gets for every vote on our website.

  • Projects that have invested 3% to the XIF will get Bonus Votes equal to the amount of XList a customer buys in the XList Store prior to the each main vote. Customers are required to select their favourite project during checkout to allocate the bonus votes. Projects that have invested 5% to the XIF will receive double Bonus Votes when XList is purchased from the XList Store. Projects that have invested 10% to the XIF can get triple Bonus Votes on the XList Store.

  • Some projects have already been accepted onto the November XList Vote and may have contributed to the XIF fund with less than 3%. This was prior to the restructuring and new Whitepaper so they will qualify to participate in the XList Votes.

  • XIF XRPL Wallet Address: rMphvymvVGy4fxEBwUSuGTJHsAK3JbvMYG

  • XIF XDC Wallet Address: xdc633b8bb40bcca083c8c4e2f94005f257a11ab99c

We would love to hear from projects that are interested in participating in the next XList Vote

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