July 2022 Results

BIG WIN for Team 5 in the 1st ever XList Members Team Contest

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Team 5 (Totem Whales) who have won the 1st ever Exclusive XList Members Team Contests in July 2022. Special mention to captain @CryptoGuyXRP who did an excellent job rallying new members into his team and filling up the team in around 5 days.

Team 2 did a great this month too and started getting stronger in the last week of July. August is potentially shaping up to be a good month for Team 2 if they keep going like this. Team captain @CryptoTalkXRPL and his team are getting organised.

Team 4 captained by XList Ambassador James Rule XRP shows positive signs too with some new members joining late on.

Teams 1 & 3 are hoping to recruit new members in August so will be in with a chance of gaining more points in the ongoing contests.

July has been an exciting and successful month. Huge thanks to all XList Members for taking part and showing their amazing support. We look forward to the August contests swhich is offering even more prizes and more fun contests. See table below for final results and the total points scored by all 5 Totem Teams.

July 2022 Final Results Table

Totem Pole Videos/Pics Scores

In July 2022 the Teams posted many Twitter posts with videos and pictures with some using Augmented Reality. Points were awarded for the best entries as shown above in the results table. There were so many great entries which made it difficult to decide which ones to pick however it was narrowed down to the following five Tweets:

10 Points - Amazing video by @gelig_john in Team 5 and a lot of effort went into making this.

8 Points - Team 5 Totem looks awesome floating on the water feature. Great clip by @XRPMingren.

6 Points - Another Team 5 great video clip by @DoNotAskMex of their Totem on the dining table. Looks amazing.

4 Points - This entry listing all the members of Team 5 with the Totem Pole spinning and has an amazing soundtrack. Submitted by @XRPL_DEMON.

2 Points - Team 2 made it on the scoreboard with this excellent video of their Totem Pole taken at Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada, submitted by @CryptoTalkXRPL.

There were many other favourites however here are a few that were so close to getting points and were posted by @JamesRule, @XXLjumboXXL and @EricPeters13574.

July 2022 Prizes

The prizes for July 2022 are all shown in the table below. Team 5 won all the XList Members Contest Prizes in the second column. The Lotto Prizes were drawn on 1st August along with the non-member prizes. Prizes will be distributed after the draw.

July 2022 Prize Draw


Trustlines must be set up in your Xumm wallet to receive prizes above. Trustlines can be set up by clicking the links below.

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