January 2023 Results

Congratulations to all winners in January 2023

January Meme Contest
Individual Prize Winners

January Totem Pole Contest
Individual Prize Winners

January 2023 Lotto Prizes & Prize Draw Winners

The prizes for January 2023 are all shown in the table below. The Prizes were drawn on 30th January. Prizes distributed from 30th January onwards. A minimum of 2000 XList was required to qualify for prize draws and distribution.

Note: Snapshot taken on 30th January 2023 and prizes distributed to members holding 2000 XList or more.

Lotto Prize Winners

Trustlines / Asset IDs

Trustlines must be set up in your Xumm wallet to receive prizes above. Trustlines can be set up by clicking the links below. NFT winners will be contacted and NFT Trustlines provided to them.  Algo asset IDs will be listed below too and must be added to the Pera or MyAlgo wallet to receive the prizes. Prizes that are not claimed in 30 days will go back into the Prize Pot.

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