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The XList community is buzzing with excitement as they prepare for the upcoming XList Vote, set to take place from 1st to 5th April 2023. The XList Top 10 Vote, which runs from 6th to 9th March 2023, will determine which projects make it through to the April XList Vote. XList holders have the power to decide which projects will feature in the vote, making it a democratic and inclusive process. During the Top 10 Vote, XList holders will vote for their favourite project out of a list of 20 or more XRPL projects, with the ten projects with the highest votes featuring in the April XList Vote. Voters will use their XUMM Wallet to vote, and there is no XList spent when voting. With an innovative approach to voting and a range of exciting prizes on offer, the XList Vote promises to be a thrilling event for all involved.

In addition to the vote, XList also offers an Exclusive Membership Club with monthly prizes for up to 505 members. Membership includes bonuses based on the amount of XList in your wallet and your Totem Pole Tier, as well as the opportunity to participate in contests and the monthly XList Lotto for a chance to win many prizes.

As a bonus, XList also offers advertising spaces on the XList Totem Pole and in the XList Metaverse Gallery, a great way to increase visibility for your project, company or brand. Don't miss this opportunity to reach the XRPL community and promote your project. Contact us for more information and to secure your advertising space today.

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