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XList plans to introduce courses that will be part of a launchpad to help founders and entrepreneurs with the planning and launch of their new cryptocurrency projects. The courses may include topics such as how to launch their token, how to write a white paper, Tokenomics planning, how to find developers, how to apply for funding, etc. Once a project has gone through the courses then they will be fully prepared and can be fast tracked onto the XList Voting system which will offer them the best opportunities for gaining central exchange listings and give the project the best start to allow them to grow to their full potential. The courses will be free for any projects that sign up and donate 3% or more of their total token supply to the XIF.

Build Decentralized Applications Using IPFS!

Tired of searching for the right developer? Instead of hiring someone to do the code for you - invest in yourself! Learn how to create your own DAPPs on the blockchain to increase business performance & improve your accounting systems.

  • Phase 1: Key Concepts

  • Phase 2: Github 101

  • Phase 3: Web Development

  • Phase 4: Metadata & Oracles

  • Phase 5: Smart Contracts 101

  • Phase 6: NFT Degrees

Before you can deploy your DAPPs, you will need to learn the basics of how data is stored & transfered across the current Internet Protocols. Once this is clear, you will work to master the Inter-Ledger Protocols which allow for blockchain to blockchain interoperability. This protocol will allow every developer to learn how to leverage the Inter Planetary File Storage System to store data in decentralized computer servers to guarantee immutability as well as permanent ownership of assets.

The ability to create NFTs at scale to satisfy business demands will be the skill you learn when you get started with us. You will learn how to properly generate metadata for over 10,000 NFTs at once while you use your frontend talents to generate your own custom Minting Page. These high-income skills can finally be yours within 6 months! Sign up today to save yourself time & money when building your own web3 start up.

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