XList can now be bridged onto the following networks using Wanchain's Bridge.

BSC BEP20: 0xd45f893c97999aaf068d5a5713650ee962364e25

Ethereum ERC20: 0x412bdecdc3e9c2922e92692c0a8961dee0c793c1

Wanchain WRC20: 0xD557CC89Ca98dB85eF5ad09AFba7c22583fe727E

XDC Network XRC20: xdc1bc20d6b6a4f0d768e1b39d42575fc3cb008e865

More tokens can be found on the Wanscan page.

5 Million XList has been bridged onto the XDC Network and will be used for staking rewards to XList Membership NFT holders. The Members NFTs will soon be able to be staked on

XList can also be swapped on the following DEX platforms

XSwap Protocol Dex

1inch network DEX


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