XList Bonuses September

XList Holders Monthly Bonuses

XList holders with 2000 or more XList will receive bonuses from the XList Bonus Pool every month.

A snapshot of XList Trustline accounts will be taken on a random day and time in the first two weeks each month then XList will be distributed after the snapshot. The snapshot or distribution will not be announced publicly.

Total XList Bonus Pool per month: 315,962 XList

The above pool is split between XList Members and XList non-members as follows:

XList Members Pool per month: 276,467 XList

XList non-members Pool per month: 39,495 XList

Each XList holder will get a percentage of the pool proportional to their holdings.

Nordin The Viking NFT Collection Bonuses

XList launched the Nordin the Viking God NFT collection on 15th August 2022. XList commissioned the new NFTs which are being designed by Leigh Kennedy.

The collection consists of collectable NFT cards with 6 Viking God tiers. The tiers from rarest to most common are listed below:

XList holders with 2000 or more XList who own one or more NFTs will qualify for an additional monthly bonus as shown in the table below. Exclusive XList member holders will benefit more than non-member holders.

Additional monthly bonuses for NFT owners will be distributed at a random day & time in the second two weeks of each month.

The first 20 Tiered Viking God NFT collectible cards were available to pre-order from the XList Store on 4th August 2022 at 7pm BST. They sold out in less than 2 days. More are available to buy on the XList Store.

The Viking God NFTs are also available to view or buy on XList's Sologenic NFT Marketplace account.

Owning the Viking God NFTs gives points to the XList Members Team if the owner is in a Totem Team. See Contest Points in the members page for more information.

Viking God NFTs are now also available on the XDSea NFT Marketplace. They also offer the same benefits as the Sologenic NFTs.

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