About Us

XList supports projects from multiple blockchains by helping them get listed on central exchanges. XList has a strong team with a sustainable business model that allows them to raise funding through various strategies while offering great returns to investors.

XList launched the XLIST Token on the XRPL network in April 2022. XList token holders have voting power which allows them to vote for projects to win exchange listings. Votes are held every two months and XList pays the listing fees of the winning projects. XList aims to support numerous projects and their communities whilst growing the value of XList for their investors and holders.

The XList Team

David Johnson
CEO & Co-founder

Johnny Garcia
CTO & Co-founder

Tyler Dwight
COO & Co-founder

Harley Hermanson
CMO & Co-founder

Leigh Kennedy
Graphic Designer

Charles Pfeifer

John Eric Gelig

Paul Appleby

Joe Lucht
Discord Admin

Bond Edwyn

Discord Mod

James Rule XRP

DJ Culture

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